Eventagentur Ballhaus Berlin

From your first idea right to the standing ovations

The Ballhaus Berlin Agency is a full-service company active in the event sector. We offer comprehensive professional event management services for service providers, customers and companies. On our premises or elsewhere - our capable, experienced team is passionate about developing your project into a success.

Our services:

Public events, such as concerts, theatre performances, cabaret, shows, meetings - Corporate events, such as congresses, conferences, receptions, employee parties - PR and sales events, such as press conferences, product presentations, customer events - Private events, such as weddings, anniversaries or birthdays.

Is there anything else you need?

Besides the organisation of actual events, we also provide writers, directors, presenters, actors, musicians, acrobats etc. along with the necessary production team. Available services include set supervision, sound and lighting, outfitters/decorators, costume services, make-up, wardrobe, security and even the classic limousine shuttle.

Would you like the whole thing, or just a piece of it?

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