Bierstube Alt Berlin

Das schönste aller Dinge... (What could be better...)

Dim lights and wooden walls, a well-worked bar and heaps of soul: The Bierstube Alt Berlin is without a doubt the social centre of the Ballhausuniverse. Local heroes, barflies, celebrities and those aspiring to become such frequent this place from the early evenings until late at night, and a little hustle and bustle is always welcome here. Spontaneous live appearances by international artists are a definite possibility, or maybe the sounds of old records or a film shoot (maybe for the TV series “Babylon Berlin”) may add to the ambience. And just sometimes, inspired burlesque dancers take to the tables… ein Schluck bei Heinz Und Inge (...than a sip at HeinZ and Inge's)

Entering the Bierstube Alt Berlin you will find it hard to believe that it moved to its current location a mere few year ago from the Münzstraße, where it had survived 121 stormy, tumultuous years under various managers, among them Heinz and Inge, until it finally had to make room for more commercial enterprises. In 2016, the Ballhaus team gave the rescued original furnishings a new home. The old charm moved with them.

It’s not one for all - It’s all for Alt Berlin

The Alt Berlin does not only offer a unique atmosphere. Lovers of high spirits also appreciate the house speciality, “Alt Berliner Halb & Halb”. This distilled mixture of herbal bitters and orange liqueur dates back to 1894 and comes in a bottle especially designed for this establishment - and with a white elephant.