beer garden

A sunny oasis with city views

Whitsun concerts and Mardi Gras-orchestras, vintage flea markets on hotsummer days, flowers from the vending machine in autumn and in winter, stalls and an Xmas-jungle. The beer garden of the Ballhaus Berlin always has a special experience on offer, something difficult to find elsewhere. In addition to the spacious terrace, this includes six pieces of the Berlin Wall with designs by Ben Wagin. Until 1989, the wall stood only 500 m away from the Ballhaus Berlin and divided the Chausseestra├če and the city in two parts.

Thanks to the only gap in the otherwise closed stretch of buildings running along the Chausseestra├če, the beer garden is a bright, generous location. Far from the humdrum of the big city, but also smack in the middle of it all, it transforms into a sunny urban oasis whenever the weather is fine. Here, you can relax, chat, maybe even work a little while savouring a beer freshly tapped at the Alt Berlin, or a Berliner Brause. In summer, snacks and hot meals are on offer.