Ballhaus Berlin

Guten Abend! Bonsoir! Good evening!

Welcome to the Ballhaus Berlin, which opened its doors to the dance-crazed Berlin audiences of the Belle Epoque back in 1905. Come right on in, enjoy and revel in the spirit of yesteryear until the early morning hours. Stucco walls and a spiral staircase, table telephones and chandeliers bear witness to the rich history of the establishment and induce a singular, warm and inspiring atmosphere, unique even in Berlin. The Ballhaus Berlin has long attracted curious people with a taste for all things nostalgic.

I am Euer Conferencier! 

Concerts, shows, revues, cabarets, comedy, theatre events, parties, club nights - the Ballhaus Berlin is all about entertainment. It is also home to a number of well-established events, including the music revue “Ein Hit ist ein Hit” (”A Hit is a Hit”), the “Kabarett der Namenlosen” (”Cabaret of the Nameless”) and the homage nights of the “Boheme Sauvage”, whose guests celebrate the Twenties with much abandon, aided by dazzling entertainment. The “Old Fleas Vintage Market” turns the place into a street market which may, in the blink of an eye, transform into a backdrop for a proper “Tanztee” (a dance or dansant at tea time).

We are here to serve you ...

The Ballhaus Berlin is available for rent and can host company celebrations, anniversaries, private birthdays and film/photo shootings.