Ein Abend mit Bente Kahan & Karsten Troyke

Ein Abend mit Bente Kahan & Karsten Troyke

time 19:00

16. November 2016

Theater-Lieder, Folksongs, Jazz
– nicht nur auf Jiddisch –

Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr

EIN ABEND MIT Bente Kahan & Karsten Troyke
Violine: Daniel Weltlinger, Piano: Daniel Pliner

The Norwegian, Jewish singer/actress is presently living in Wroclaw, Poland where she has established the Bente Kahan Foundation www.fbk.org.pl.
Under the auspices of FBK, the 200 year old White Stork Synagogue in the city was restored and completed to its former grandeur in 2010.
Today, it is a vital, contemporary center, Wroclaw Center for Jewish Culture and Education, attracting a broad Polish and international public.

Since the 1980’s the Berliner singer performed shows with own singer/songwriter material, folk songs and „songs of the world“.
He has participated in radio plays, worked as Voice for advertising and synchronisation and acted in very varying stage plays. As an ambassador of Yiddish song art he went to many countries as such as Poland, France, Norway, Belgium, Danmark, Sweden, Croatia, Israel, USA and more…

DANIEL WELTLINGER and DANIEL PLINER are two of the most versatile instrumentalists in Jazz, Folk, even Pop and Cabaret music available for this special event. Both Sydney-born, is Weltlinger now Berlin-based and Pliner on tour here. From „Asthmatix“ (www.theasthmatix.com) to „Zohar’s Nigun“ (www.rectifyrecords.com/zohar.html) they already worked together, bringing on stage the most beautiful and amazing colors to contemporary Jewish music.

In Zusammenarbeit mit der @Synagoge zum Weißen Storch, Wroclaw.
Erste Schritte eines Kulturaustausches. Ein Europäisches Event mit der @Fundacja Bente Kahan.